Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Out in the cold

Tuesday saw the end of January and it ended on a cold grey sunless day. The breeze was out of the east and had a bitterly cold feel to it.

The wind direction chart for the month clearly shows that when the wind blows from the east then certainly in winter we get a cold spell of weather.

After all the hype about the mild January it’s turned out just a smidgeon lower than average as after a mild first couple of weeks the temperatures have varied more dramatically over the remainder of the month. Two cold spells, one in the middle of the month and the current one have offset the mild start.

Rainfall wise after lots of below average rainfall months last year, January has got 2012 off to a wet start with one third more rainfall than average 59.8mm against 43.8mm.

All our monthly data has been updated on our 2012 weather pages.


  1. It doesn't seem like we've had that much rain to me. I think it's because we've had days where it's rained then it's cleared up rather than the rain being in for the full day.

  2. Most of our rain fell in the first week and since then it's not been too bad.


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