Monday, 6 February 2012

Thaws straight away

Sunday was nice and sunny and the mildest day for a week or more resulting in Saturday’s snow thawing. 

I’ve been having a go at checking some figures. I know that we’ve had some mild days this winter but we’ve now had a couple of pretty cold spells as well but it seems the description in the press and media regarding this winter is that it’s been a mild winter.

Well winter hasn’t finished yet and it’s true that in the middle of January “mild” was a fair description of winter at that stage. Since then things have changed quite a bit. I reckon that by 4th Feb an average winter temperature should be 5.28°C and our actual value is 5.26°C. So spot on average - so it’s now just a typical sort of winter that we’d expect to get more often than not. Cold days have come along and offset the mild ones.
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Out of interest in the cold winter of 1963 the average winter temperature at 4th Feb was -0.31°C and taking 1989 as one of the warmest winters the corresponding average temperature was 6.71°C.


  1. The snow's hanging around here. The roads which are used more are clear but the side roads are still full of compacted snow, it makes it really slippy. I've been out walking the dog this morning and was surprised at how warm it is.

  2. We had a trip to Rothwell last night and there was lots more snow there than in Ossett. Might be tempted into the greenhouse this afternoon as it's nice and sunny here at the moment too.


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