Monday, 27 February 2012

An Itsy Bitsy Spider

Sunday was a poor repeat of Saturday with a bright sunny start to the day soon disappearing to leave a dull late morning and afternoon. At least the wind had fallen light.

Mal’s blogposting about sowing broad beans reminded me it was time to get my first sowing underway. I think it’s fascinating how we all have our own tried and tested methods of doing things. Mal soaks his seeds for 24 hours, whereas for my early sowing I like to sow my seeds in cells or pots, both of us aiming to get our seeds off to the best possible start.

I’d sorted out my first tray of 15 cells ready to fill with compost when I spotted a large garden spider sitting in the bottom of one of the cells. I gave the tray a little shake expecting the spider to take fright and head for safety. This spider wasn’t that easily scared and stayed where she was.
I decided to leave her to her home comforts and use another tray. I carefully put the tray back under the staging where it had been all winter and hopefully she will take the hint and find a new home.
After that it was plain sailing, one broad bean seed to each cell before each tray was labelled. I’ve covered each tray with an old plastic cover as protection against any field mice taking a fancy to my seeds. Once they start to germinate the covers will be removed.


  1. My daughter's party piece is singing Incy Wincy Spider in Swedish. When she was in primary school, one of her classroom assistants was married to a Swedish man and she taught her it, she's never fogotten the words. I leave spiders be if they're outdoors, but I don't like them in the house.

  2. I have a bit of a spider phobia, luckily the spiders in the UK don't seem as bad as tropical weather spiders (which are huge). I hope your nectarine tree survives, that is a long time to be in transit!


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