Sunday, 5 February 2012

It snowed

Saturday saw our first snowfall of the winter. It had been widely forecast for the last few days so it shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone. A few flakes fell early afternoon but nothing more than a dusting. It snowed for a couple of hours early evening and left us with around 25mm or 1” of snow, certainly nothing too serious.
This is the scene early Sunday morning. The forecast is for a sunny day with the temperature reaching 4°C so with a little luck some of the snow may melt away. Overnight we didn’t have the severe frost of the last two nights. The temperature fell to -2.1°C by 01:30 Sunday morning but then it warmed slightly rather than getting any colder. 


  1. We've had loads more snow than you, I can't believe the difference that a few miles makes. It comes right up to Archie's body, covering his legs completely, so a good few inches. It's sunny here at the moment so I'm hoping that it isn't going to last long.

  2. Sunny here too but the snow seems to be doing its best not to melt away.


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