Thursday, 9 February 2012

Coldest Day of Winter

Wednesday set the new record for this winter as with a high of 1.3°C and low of -5.6°C it turned in an average temperature for the day of minus 2.0°C.

The chart starts at midnight Tuesday. Wednesday managed a few hours just above zero around the middle of the day. Overnight the temperature fell to -5.6°C not quite the coldest of the month.

In the garden our snowdrops are in a state of frozen suspension waiting for the temperatures to rise a little before putting on their display. I can’t say I blame them. They were in full flower last year by the 8th February.

It’s a little bit easier to see the frost on these self sown cyclamen seedlings. They’re tough as old boots and the freezing temperatures wont do them any harm.

Our pond has frozen over again as a result of the length of the cold spell together with the well below freezing overnight temperatures.


  1. I think it might be even colder today. I've just been out walking the dog and it's icy cold. The Met Office website shows sleet from 3pm onwards with light snow tonight, let's see if they're right.

  2. No difference in temperature here today - managed 1°C that's all just like yesterday. Temperature not falling as quickly tonight though still just above freezing at 19:30. Misty, rainy evening so we might have missed the snow!!!


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