Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Chickened Out!

Monday was cold with just a little sunshine in the afternoon but it didn't do a lot for the temperature.

The forecast is for the cold weather to continue, certainly for the rest of this week, with night time temperatures plummeting very low over the next few nights to maybe the coldest of the winter so far. With this in mind I’ve moved my chitting potatoes out of the greenhouse and into the garage for a little extra warmth or should that be less cold.
As daytime temperatures even in the greenhouse are reaching only 5°C there wont be much chitting going on and I’d rather be safe than sorry at keeping the tubers frost free. On long cold winter nights my greenhouse doesn’t provide much frost protection.


  1. I don't blame you. Mine are in my unheated conservatory so they should be ok.

  2. If they give anything silly out I might even move them into the porch for a couple of nights. Wednesday & Thursday nights look to be the main worry.


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