Sunday, 12 February 2012

February’s Peaked!

Saturday was a beautiful sunny but cold day and the frost didn't thaw out all day.

I think February’s cold weather has peaked as following on from the winter’s lowest temperature overnight Friday/Saturday we’ve just had our warmest overnight temperature this month of 3.0°C. The forecast for next week is for predominantly cloudy weather with temperatures around 7°C or 8°C during the day. Have we seen the last of this cold February cold snap or is there another spell still to come?

It certainly has been a cold start to February although despite our severe frosts the temperatures recorded in Ossett haven’t been down as low as those recorded in England in the winter of 1947 one of the coldest on record.
With no severe frosts forecasts next week I'm hoping it will be safe to move my seed potatoes back into the greenhouse so that they can form some good chits ready for planting out in April.


  1. It must have warmed up today as alot of our snow has melted, though there's still bits around.

  2. Who knows might be able to do some gardening soon!!!!!!!!!!


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