Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cold & Grey

Tuesday morning started off sunny but by lunchtime it had turned into another cold grey February day. It didn't get very warm all day (max 3.3°C) and by midnight Tuesday the temperature had fallen to -3.5°C. It continued to fall to -5.6° by 03:00 Wednesday morning before beginning to warm up slightly so that by day break it was only -2.6°C.

The sunshine on Monday tempted me outside, well into the greenhouse at least as the early afternoon sun lifted the greenhouse temperature up to a positively balmy 14°C. There’s plenty of tidying up to do to remove the remnants of last years crops. The old tomato grow bags need to be cleared out and taken down to the plot to be added as compost to this year’s potato beds.

Our grapevine always manages to get unruly despite my best efforts with the secateurs. The first essential job was to cut back the remaining old vines and tidy up all the dead fallen leaves to give the vine a good spring clean. There was a surprising amount of debris once the vine was cut back to the main stem and the leaves gathered together.
The old gnarled stem looked much better once it was trimmed back. I'm always amazed that this rather dead looking vine will be growing out of control come summer.
Once all the debris had been removed the greenhouse was already starting to take on a tidier look - well one side of the path - ready for some serious growing to get started when the weather begins to warm up. Next job sort out the rubbish on the left of the path, that’s the bit out of shot.


  1. Hubby had the afternoon off work on Friday and he spent it tidying up the garden. There were things that needed to go to the tip too, so he got that done before the snow arrived. Your greenhouse is a great size. I have to make do with 4'X6', but it does allow me to grow a few tomato plants under cover and start seeds off outside a little earlier.

  2. Hi Jo
    I see there are snow warnings out for us again for Thursday night and during Friday. They don't seem as sure about what will happen this time so with a lot of luck we might miss it. Wish it would warm up a little bit!


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