Friday, 17 February 2012

Construction Continues

Thursday was almost a repeat of yesterday with some morning sunshine and a cloudy afternoon. The temperature managed 10.0°C but it felt cold in the rather blustery wind.

We made the most of the weather getting some more construction work done on the plot. I’d acquired some old interwoven fence panels to use to improve my compost bins. So my sledge hammer was in use again knocking in some more posts for erecting the panels.
This was the composting area to be improved. It really is just an area for tipping our weeds on but surprisingly enough with enough care and time it does produce some pretty good compost. It was a bit tricky lining up the panels for fixing to the posts as in the breeze the panels took on a life of their own.
 This is the improved area taken from its best side with the new panelling erected. I'm going to use the remaining timber pallets to make a removable front to the compost bins for both easy emptying and that wonderful task of turning the compost. 


  1. It looks just the job. I need to improve my compost area too, that's a job that needs doing as a priority before I need to start filling it.

  2. There always seems to be something to improve on. At least doing it now doesn't mean sacrificing valuable cultivation time.

  3. thats the job i have planned for sunday morning my father is coming over to help me construct it i have 1 already but need another one so i can turn it. your looks smart.

  4. I just need to buy a JCB to make turning easier!!


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