Friday, 17 February 2012

Green Manure Anyone

If you’re a keen follower of our blogs and web site you may well remember our contaminated manure problem. Now I can understand that if you've managed to avoid any issues with manuring your plot then you may not appreciate our apprehension regarding the application of farmyard manure or similar to our plot. Having had a year’s worth of crops ruined we vowed not to use farmyard manure again. 

However, I'm concerned that we do need to look after our soil, let’s face it rubbish soil is never going to produce good crops. I don’t think I can compost enough material to make up for not  buying in or obtaining supplies of manure. So I’ve been giving some thought about what to do.

The answer may well lie with green manure.


  1. It's a dilema, isn't it. Chicken pellets as a supplement?

  2. It is! Do I have to feed my green manure too? I hadn't considered that.


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