Monday, 20 February 2012

It’s Just Testing

Sunday morning was sunny and frosty. The bird bath was once again frozen over although the temperature managed to remain fractionally above zero degrees. The 3.6 hours of sunshine I recorded made it the sunniest day since the 20th October last year. Obviously the weather was in the ‘know’, that I’d now moved all my seed potatoes into the greenhouse to chit and only yesterday planted some salad leaves. Having fallen to 0°C overnight the daytime temperature in the greenhouse managed 26°C in the sunshine.
As it was such a sunny day, we decided on an afternoon walk around Anglers Country Park. It was certainly a crisp afternoon as we wandered around the lake with lots of other visitors making the most of the beautiful day. In the shade the grass was still white from the overnight frost but out of the wind and in the sunshine it felt pleasantly mild.
It’s our first winter visit to the Country Park and our first visit on a weekend. It was difficult to find a spot in the car park. It was like the supermarket just before Christmas. Our future visits are more likely to be during the week but we wanted to make the best use of such a nice day.

I managed to finish editing my video of our visiting bullfinches before our afternoon out and uploaded the completed video to YouTube.


  1. Lovely video of the bullfinches. We went to Temple Newsam yesterday, and though it was very cold out of the sun, it was really quite pleasant in it. I think everyone had the same idea to get out yesterday though, it was packed.

  2. What a difference a day makes. Cloudy and cold here but the temperature is actually higher than yesterday. Doesn't feel like it. We haven't been to Temple Newsam for a while- perhaps another visit is due.


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