Thursday, 16 February 2012

Two fences done

Wednesday morning was sunny and felt mild as there was no wind. It clouded over in the afternoon and there were just a few spots of rain in the gentle breeze.

As it was nice in the morning I decided to make the most of the weather and buy some more timber posts for the fence required for supporting our autumn raspberries, new blackberry  and Japanese Wineberry. By the time I got down to the plot in the afternoon the weather had changed but I still managed to get the posts in and wires fastened.
I've still have to erect some old fencing panels to improve our composting area for the summer so I’m hoping to get that done in the next couple of weeks before the allotment season begins in earnest around the beginning of April. 

The sunny weather at last brought our snowdrops into flower. They aren’t fully open yet but if this weather persists they should be looking good for the weekend.
Last year they were fully out on the 8th February so they’re just a little later this year. Maybe that the cold start to February delayed them. I'm not sure why but I always find snowdrops one of the more difficult flowers to take photos of. No matter how many pictures I take I don’t seem to be able to get a really crisp image of the flowers. I'm never 100% happy with the end result. Maybe I’ll try again today once the flowers open up. 


  1. It looks like those posts are nice and sturdy, they should last for a long time. Nice to see the snowdrops out. Every year I say I'll buy more for my garden but I never do.

  2. Interesting wrap around technique! Looking good.
    It's been a soft fruit day for me too doubling up my redcurrant, blackberry and gooseberry stock.

  3. Hi Jo
    The usual problem in our clay soil is that when/if the ground becomes very dry the posts can become a bit wobbly - still it is only the allotment it should look a bit rough and ready

  4. Hi Mal
    Experimental wrap around technique. The wires in one long length so if it doesn't work I can try another method.
    Hope the new soft fruit stock proves productive.


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