Friday, 24 February 2012

Warm for a Day

Thursday became the warmest day of the year with the temperature reaching 16.6°C (61.2°F). That’s pretty unusual for February but not a record breaker. Some locations in Yorkshire managed even higher with temperatures reaching 18°C.

The mild weather over the last few days has certainly helped with the germination of our leaf salad sown in the greenhouse. Sown on the 18th of the month the first few seeds have already germinated and pushed their first leaves through the vermiculite.  
Of course there’s still plenty of time for some cold nights yet so survival of these tender young shoots is by no means guaranteed. No risk - No gain


  1. It was noticably warmer yesterday. It's wet and dreary today, I hope it clears up in time for the weekend.

  2. Hi Jo
    Hopefully I'll spot your comments now. I wasn't receiving an e-mail to say I had any comments to moderate but I think the problem is sorted now.

    Saturday morning seems pretty good so it might be a pleasant weekend.


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