Friday, 3 February 2012

Spoke too soon!

Lets move the temperature chart on just one day.
As you can see from the chart I spoke too soon about avoiding the forecast severe frosts. Thursday was a cloudy and cold day with the temperature managing a maximum of only 2.6°C. Late in the evening the cloud cleared and the temperature plummeted. 

By dawn on Friday the temperature had dropped to -4.9°C (23.2°F), that’s the coldest February temperature I’ve recorded. On the upside Friday is off to a bright sunny start.
I'm now glad I moved my seed potatoes for this year out of the greenhouse and into the garage as the overnight temperature fell to -5.2°C.
It will no doubt be quite warm in the greenhouse once the sun thaws out the frost but it’s the cold overnight temperature that governs the growing conditions not the daytime high. With light snow and bitterly cold temperatures forecast for the weekend my seed potatoes can stay where they are.


  1. It's a lovely bright day here but very cold. I hope the snow doesn't materialise.

  2. Lovely and sunny here too. Bird bath is still frozen over this afternoon. I hope they're wrong about the snow too.


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