Saturday, 4 February 2012

Glorious Sunshine but......

It was a glorious sunny day on Friday but it didn't manage to lift the temperature above 2.5°C. Out of the sun the ground remained white covered by frost all day.

Overnight Thursday/Friday set our coldest temperature of the year at -4.9°C but that record hasn’t lasted long as overnight Friday/Saturday saw a new low of -5.7°C (21.8°F) our lowest since 21st December 2010. It was low enough for ice to have formed on our pond.
Compared to last February this year is already colder. In 2011 we had just 5 hours below 0°C whereas this year we have already had 30 hours and that’s after only three and a bit days.

The forecast is for snow this afternoon so it seems that winter has really has arrived. The temperatures are supposed to pick up a little bit after the snowfall so it shouldn’t be around for very long.


  1. this weather is typical as i have time off work to get things done down the allotment and i cant because of the weather! oh well at least i get time to catch up on all the other jobs that need doing.

  2. The snow came earlier than expected today and it's showing no sign of letting up yet. I'm glad I'm inside in the warmth.

  3. Hi Jo
    We just had a dusting through the day but it started snowing again at 18:00. Looks like it means business this time.

  4. Hi Stacy
    We could do to visit the plot to harvest some winter veg but the snow might delay us a bit. As for any planting - no chance!!


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