Sunday, 19 February 2012

Salad Crops in the Greenhouse

Saturday started off cloudy and mild with some light rain. This soon passed and the sun came out and the temperature dropped.

As you can see Saturday was a real mixture of weather especially with the the afternoon showers falling as hail. It was windy too but I thought that was too much information for one chart.

The sunshine of the last few days encourage me to sow some salad crops in the greenhouse. On a sunny day greenhouse temperatures get up to around the 20°C mark plenty warm enough for some salad crops. The downside is with no heating temperatures below freezing can’t be ruled out so I wouldn’t want to be sowing anything too exotic or too expensive to loose on a cold night. So some salad leaves seemed a reasonable compromise. 

We are trying to grow celery and celeriac this year. Having tried unsuccessfully in the past we thought it was time to have another go. An early start and plenty of water are perhaps the things we got wrong last time. The watering bit comes later but with lots of seeds in each packet we thought we could try an early start with some seeds under our grow light with a back up of sowing later if our early sowing doesn’t come up to expectation.

In the morning rain the male and female bullfinches made a visit to the bird tables and I just couldn’t turn down the opportunity of attempting some better video. Well the video still needs some editing before posting to YouTube but I have managed to grab some still images from the video.


  1. They're brilliant photos. My mum and dad used to get lots of bullfinches in their garden before they moved, I've never had one in my garden.

  2. We're just hoping they stick to eating sunflower seeds and leave the buds on our apple and pear tree alone.


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