Thursday, 30 June 2016

Another Wet Day But No Records Broken

Wednesday was another poor day for the end of June with more rain through the morning and into the early afternoon. I've had a look through my records as it seems to me June's been a very wet month and I was thinking about it breaking a few records for the amount of rainfall. It seems a long time ago now but the first 9 days of the month were dry but since then we've had only three dry days or maybe four if the last day of June is rain free.
Temperature & Rainfall 01-29 June 2016
However, our total rainfall for the month stands at 71.6mm (2.82") well short of the 131.5mm (5.18") that fell in June 2012 although that particular month is the wettest we've had in the last six years. This month doesn't at the moment get into my list of 10 wettest Ossett months in the last six years unless the last day of the month is extremely wet.
Still some plants are doing pretty well despite all the rain. Our roses are looking good although it is a bit wet to get onto the garden to do some dead heading. That's my excuse anyway.
It would be nice if the rest of the summer turned out a little bit drier and sunnier.


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