Wednesday, 22 June 2016

It Must Be Summer - Banana's Out

Monday and Tuesday have seen a big improvement in the weather and we've actually had some sunshine. We had some rain on Monday morning but it had cleared away by lunchtime to leave us with a lovely afternoon. Tuesday was warm with some decent sunny spells.

As it's now officially summer and the weather has improved I decided our banana tree could move out of the greenhouse and into its summer spot just outside the door. It's not much of a move in distance, a couple of metres at most, but I'm sure our banana won't appreciate the move if we get some windy weather.
It's a tight fit to get it out of the greenhouse door without doing any damage to its leaves. Another week or so in the greenhouse and it would have been much too large to go through the door without damaging those glossy leaves.

We spent Tuesday afternoon pottering about in the garden filling up the last few pots with plants to produce some good summer displays.
With all the rain the garden is now set up for summer.


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