Friday, 3 June 2016

A Wintry Start to June

We had to wait until late in the afternoon of the second of the month to see any signs of sunshine in June. Mostly Thursday was a repeat of Wednesday, dull and cold more like winter than the beginning of meteorological summer. I think we had days as mild as this in January. Perhaps I should look back through my records.
Blue Line - Temperature 25 Jan 2016 and Red Line Temperature 02 June 2016
I said it felt like winter but maybe I'm being unfair comparing one of January's mildest days with what I hope is going to be one of June's coldest.

The meteorologists correctly forecast the cold start to June so we headed out towards the east coast and Scarborough to do a bit of train chasing. We thought it was a little bit on the cold side for doing any gardening. My aim was to get some video of the first steam hauled Scarborough Spa Express of the season. Although the train is starting its journey in Carnforth it will only be steam hauled from York to Scarborough and back to York.
We found some byways trying to locate a suitable spot for some video and photographs. The spot I'd chosen could have been better but we didn't have enough time to try for a better spot.
Sue was in charge of capturing some photos whilst I tried my luck with some video.
After our photographic and videoing exploits we called in at a garden centre for lunch and of course added a few more plants to our collection.
These Verbenas are to help fill a large tub with what we hope will be a colourful summer display.

Hope you enjoy the video.


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