Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Rubbish Cabbage Plants

Monday was a reasonably sunny day but it was also the first windy day this month.
Temperature, Sunshine & Wind Speed Records from 21 June to 27 June 2016
The wind was at its worst late in the afternoon with a gust speed of 20mph.

I've complained, in the past, about poor quality brassica plants I've received from seed companies. Well now I've produce some rather pathetic red cabbage plants myself. This year we decided to try some red cabbages called Lodero supposedly a club root resistant variety. I sowed the seeds on 29 May and within a couple of days the seeds germinated. These were pricked out into modules and moved into the cold frame.
A month on this is how they look now. They've grown long and lanky and I'm in two minds whether or not to plant them out in the plot. I suppose I've nothing much to lose if half a dozen of the best looking specimens are given a chance. I'm not really all that sure why they've grown this way as they've been treated in the same way as all our other brassica seedlings which normally produce decent plants for the plot. 


  1. Looking at that pic, I'd say you've had the same problems I have - a lack of warmth hindering growth, plus an attack of Diamondback moth. Apparently they're a pest that's unusually active this year and their larvae specifically target brassicas. I've definitely got them in my greenhouse where my cabbage seedlings are trying to grow - I found one stuck to the fronds of my Drossera filiformis sundew - and I've seen them all over my radishes at the allotment.

    1. Thanks for the info Darren. Now you've drawn it to my attention our radishes have the same small holes in the leaves which will have been caused by that Diamondback month. I'll give them a close inspection. Some sunshine would be good wouldn't it.


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