Monday, 27 June 2016

Away Days

We had a couple of days away heading to Norfolk to visit Blickling Estate and a gala at the Mid Norfolk Railway. We were rather lucky with the weather as Friday was lovely sunny day to visit Blickling Estate although it did rain from mid afternoon on Saturday spoiling our visit to the Heritage Railway.
Temperature, Rainfall & Sunshine Records 24 June - 26 June 2016
In general the weather remains very consistent at being changeable.  As you can see from the above chart the temperature hasn't been too bad with sunny spells and spells of rain or showers.
Blickling Estate - Aylsham - Norfolk
Mid Norfolk Railway - 46100 Royal Scot at Thuxton Station
We visited the plot on Sunday afternoon and managed to pick this a nice selection of strawberries.
The weather obviously hadn't been too bad at home as only the odd strawberry had turned mouldy although quite a few berries had been eaten by slugs. Still there were plenty left for us.


  1. What a beautiful estate! is that steam train? have a fun day!

    1. Yes it is a steam train Malar. The estate was really beautiful. I wouldn't want to be in charge of cutting all the lawns!


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