Friday, 17 June 2016

Enough Rain For Now

The first 10 days of June were dry with a spell of lovely warm sunny days thrown in for good measure. Since that dry spell broke we've had some amount of rainfall each day.
Temperature & Rainfall Records 01-16 June 2016
The outcome is that in the last seven days the rainfall has amounted to 40.8mm (1.61") about what we might expect over the whole month. It would be nice now if the rain would go away for a few days and allow the allotment to dry out a little bit. In the seven days of sunnier weather at the beginning of the month we managed 36.6 hours of sunshine compared with a miserly 2.5 hours over the last  seven days. The forecasters like to refer to the current weather as changeable compared to settled conditions of the early part of the month. I don't see what's unsettled about the current weather as it seems settled on cloudy with heavy showers, drizzle or longer spells of rain. It's been like that for the past week and it's forecast to be very similar for the next week. Summer is rushing past without much summer weather.

I last visited the plot on Wednesday and the soil was extremely wet and would have been difficult to plant in. With another good dousing of rain on Thursday it's going to be even wetter. I'm not sure which is our most pressing crop to plant out but it would be good to get our leeks, brassicas and sweetcorn in the ground.
I might find out how well some of these crops perform when planted out in mud rather than soil. If they stay in the cold frames much longer they will spoil in any case.


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