Thursday, 23 June 2016

Early Potato Test

The last few days have seen a bit of an improvement in the weather. We've had less rain and the temperature has lifted too giving the days a bit of a muggy feel at times.
Temperature, Rainfall & Sunshine Records 17 - 23 June 2016
You'll notice that none of the sunshine traces have that lovely curve to them which indicates sunshine all day long. It has been a lot more hit and miss than that with short sunny spells rather than any prolonged sunshine.

On the plot we decided to harvest a few of our first early potatoes Casablanca.
As we've lots of potatoes growing I like to start harvesting our first crop as early as possible because I think these early potatoes are the ones that have the finest new potato flavour. As you can see from the photo above the plants are only just coming into flower and I thought it might be a little bit early to see if there were any potatoes underneath the foliage.
There were enough potatoes on the first root I lifted for one meal for two so I'm reasonable happy with that. I'll continue to lift a few roots from now on to keep our potato supplies stocked up. Surprising none of the potatoes had any slug damage. Our slugs and snails have been on the rampage this year thanks to all the damp weather so to have all undamaged potatoes was a surprise.
The potatoes tasted great too after all that's one of the reasons for growing your own.


  1. Look at the potatoes! It look so fresh! ;)

    1. Eaten within an hour of digging them up. Delicious!

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