Saturday, 18 June 2016

More Cloud and Rain

At one stage I thought Friday might turn out to be a dry day, the first for over a week. It was dull all day and not particularly warm for mid June but then as I was thinking the lawn might be dry enough to mow, more rain arrived.
Greenhouse Temperature 10-18 June 2016
The chart above shows the greenhouse temperatures for the last week. Normally in June it's a case of trying to keep the temperatures down with all the windows and the door wide open. That's not been the case over the last week. Normally the indoor temperature is in the mid thirties centigrade even with all the windows open. As you can see over the last week it has only managed the low twenties centigrade or temperatures that wouldn't be out of the ordinary as outside temperatures for the middle of June.

One rather unforeseen problem with cool greenhouse temperatures during the day and no hot sunshine through the glass is that it gives marauding slugs and snails even longer to maraud.
I caught these two just after 10:00am in the greenhouse. If the weather was anything like decent it would be far too hot for them in the greenhouse to be out and about. On a more positive note these individuals won't be out and about during the night anymore!

In the garden our clematis flowers are standing up to the poor weather much better than the roses.
Hopefully the weather will improve before too long.


  1. Yes I soon learnt to use slug pellets IN the greenhouse after building it a year ago. I share your wishes for an upturn, but the forcast for Edinburgh is sun and showers today and tomorrow and then a return to normal service (rain) until the weekend. Time to start that ark project...

    1. Don't snails make a satisfying crunch under your foot. Forecast looks a bit more promising for us.


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