Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Apricot Overload!

Tuesday nudged the year's warmest day up a bit further as the temperature reached 26.0°C in the afternoon. It wasn't as sunny as Sunday and Monday and we never really had that wonderful clear blue sky of the previous two days. Still unlike some places we missed any thunderstorms.
Sunshine & Temperature Records for Sunday 05 June to Monday 07 June 2016
I've been trying to work out how to show this wonderful problem we have with our apricot "Flavourcot". When we bought an apricot tree I never anticipated a problem of the branches being weighed down with the apricots. I thought we would be doing well to actually get any apricots at all. 

I made the little bit of video above to hopefully show how the branch is sagging under the weight of apricots. I might have to think of a way of giving that particular branch some support. I'd hate for the branch to snap and for us to loose all those apricots.

As it was another warm day we made an evening watering trip down to the allotment. I didn't want to leave our newly planted greenhouse tomatoes another day without checking on them. Once they're decent sized plants I can give them a really good watering and they'll last for a few days. I didn't want to do that with smaller plants that have only just been transplanted.
We gave some of our newly transplanted plants outside a drink too although it looked like some rain might well be on the way. 
Our first early potatoes, Casablanca, are doing well now and have recovered from the set back they had only a few weeks ago when they were caught by a late frost. I think they might actually appreciate a drop of rain. From the forecast they might have to wait until Friday or the weekend for a drink.


  1. Lucky you, all those apricots. I hope you manage to rig up a support for them.

  2. Only had this problem with plums. It's like thinning anything - agony... but it has got to be done. I would remove every second one.


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