Monday, 20 June 2016

Picking Strawberries in the Rain

It was almost a dry weekend but the rain just couldn't keep away and late on Sunday afternoon we had more rain. It would be more encouraging if we at least had some brighter intervals between the bouts of rain but all we get is dull weather with rain at times. After a decent first few days of June the weather has been abysmal. The last 10 days have yielded a measly 5.0 hours of sunshine and 51.0mm (2.01") of rainfall which is above our average for June.  

We made the most of the dry weather getting as much planted in the mud on the plot as we could. It was a case of now or never as far as our sweetcorn and leeks were concerned. Most of the grass paths were strimmed between planting sessions. Eventually we were rained off on Sunday afternoon.

As the rain began to fall, we packed away quickly but still had a few strawberries to pick. This year's strawberry harvest is rapidly turning into a bit of a disaster. The constantly damp weather means slugs and snails are a real nuisance and the almost complete lack of sunshine results in the strawberries ripening very slowly. We've been tempted to remove strawberries before they are fully ripe in an attempt to harvest some fruits rather than leave them to the mercy of the weather.
These are the strawberries picked on Sunday afternoon. Any that had been partially eaten by slugs were left in place. Even then the berries aren't perfect by any stretch of the imagination.
From this side this strawberry doesn't look too bad, although it does still look like it has a little bit of ripening to do. Then when turned over it looks like this!
It looks like a slug has caused some initial damage and the damp weather has done the rest turning the fruit mouldy. It's never going to ripen is it? It is only fit for the compost heap. We have lots of strawberries like this.

The weather forecast doesn't seem very promising for the next week so it looks like our strawberry harvest is unlikely to improve.


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