Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Brightness Required

Tuesday turned out to be another dull and damp day. We didn't have any rain during daylight hours only drizzle off and on but such was the cloud level that it remained damp all day.
Ideally the roses need dead heading but it's a lot too wet to stand on the soil to remove them so until it dries up a little they'll remain where they are.

We've  a few things to finish planting on the allotment. Our sweetcorn, autumn and winter brassicas, leeks and outdoor tomatoes to mention only a few are all waiting patiently in the cold frames for their turn to be planted out. We didn't fancy planting in the drizzle and with a decent amount of rain falling on Monday afternoon and evening we decided against trying to plant out in the wet. Things may yet get desperate and we'll have to do some allotment planting in the rain. Not only that, the rain encourages the grass paths to grow at an alarming rate so no doubt they will need strimming again soon.

There's lots of baby birds about in the garden but the problem's finding a decent spell of weather between showers to get some pictures. I know Sue managed some photos of a baby blackbird and I spotted this young robin waiting for its next meal on our little bistro table.
I'm tempting fate but so far we've managed to keep the slugs and snails off our hostas which are in pots around the pond.
I'm sure that with all this damp weather it's only a matter of time before a marauding slug or snail finds a tasty leaf.


  1. Wet and damp environment invites a lot of pest here too! Hope they spare the beautiful Hosta!

  2. I'm keeping a lookout for any pests on our hostas. Some better weather would help deter the slugs and snails.


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