Tuesday, 14 June 2016

No Watering Required

After a cold start and then some lovely mild sunny days June has turned decidedly wet although it has remained mild.
Temperature, Rainfall and Sunshine Records 08 June to 14 June 2016
Last Friday was our first rain in June and it doesn't seem to have dried up since then. We've now had 27.8mm of rainfall up to mid morning on Tuesday. The forecast is for more outbreaks of rain for the next couple of days at least.

The wet mild weather has brought with it a few gardening problems. We did manage to plant our carrot seeds Fly Away on the plot on Monday afternoon before the rain arrived but the soil was very wet and soggy. As we sow our carrot seeds in a shallow trench filled with compost the job was just about manageable. 
Our maincrop potatoes are looking good at the minute but the mild wet weather brings with it the risk of blight. When the conditions for blight are right Blightwatch issue confirmation warnings.
Of course it doesn't mean that our crop will get blight but if I spayed our crop for blight it would be advisable to do it straight away.

Then this weather is perfect for slugs. Constantly damp and mild. I caught this monster demolishing a radish.
They're helping themselves to our strawberries too, not to mention our French and runner bean plants and any other living green material they can slime their way onto.

Hopefully the weather will dry up a little bit soon and summer will return. 

If you've a strong stomach you can watch this slug eating the radish in the video below.


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