Saturday, 11 June 2016

Strawberry Surprise

Friday saw our first rainfall of the month. It's not the driest start to June I've recorded which belongs to June 2013 when we got to the 13th of the month without any rain.
The clouds did break for a short while in the afternoon to give a little bit of sunshine but in the main it was a damp muggy sort of a day.

I'd been planning on covering our strawberries fairly soon to protect them from the birds. I was surprised on our last visit to the plot on Thursday to find that some fruits were already starting to turn red. What was also obvious was that I wasn't the only one who had noticed.
I couldn't make my mind up whether this damage was a caused by a slug or a bird. There didn't look to be any evidence of a slim trail normally left by a slug or a snail so it might well be bird damage. I couldn't see any other damage to one or two other strawberries that were starting to ripen.
Our strawberry netting is safely stored at home so any protection would have to be a makeshift job with materials we had about on the plot. More importantly should we pick the other few strawberries that were starting to turn or leave them to turn fully red. They were picked and eaten and I can confirm that whatever helped itself to that strawberry had good taste.

Before we left the plot on Thursday, a piece of old brassica netting was put to use to protect as many of the strawberry plants as it would stretch to before we left the plot.
Once the weather improves the job will need to be done properly. 


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