Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Rain Stops Play - Again!

It seems to be a regular occurrence on the plot that at some point in the afternoon we get rain off. Tuesday wasn't any different as a heavy shower arrived not long after we arrived.
My plan was to prepare some ground for sowing sweet Williams, rocket and wallflowers as well as somewhere for our lavender cuttings to be planted to grow on. I decided to get this done before picking strawberries. To be honest although it was cloudy it didn't look that much like it was going to rain even though the forecast said it would. One bed was dug and covered with weed control fabric but as I was finishing digging the second bed it started to rain heavily and I made a hasty retreat to the shed for shelter. The forecast was right after all!
We had a cuppa while sheltering from the rain in the shed and then decided to do a little bit of harvesting despite the rain. It seemed a shame to leave any ripe strawberries for the slugs to devour. That’s also our first Mayflower cauliflower in the photo grown on from small plants from Marshalls early brassica collection. It's alongside a cabbage Duncan from the same collection.

Some decent weather would be much appreciate but it doesn't look like we're going to get any just yet. Perhaps July will be better.


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