Friday, 1 July 2016

What A Surprise - A Drop More Rain

Once again Thursday turned out disappointing for the last day of June. A few short sunny spells, lots of cloud and a little bit of rain in the evening to finish of a very disappointing June weather wise. If you live in the UK you probably don't need me to tell you it's been a wet month but even so as I blogged yesterday over the last few years we've had even wetter Junes. Plenty of rain and not enough sunshine means more tender plants are struggling to put on growth on the allotment.
As you can see from the above chart we've been well down on sunshine with only June 2012 having even less hours of sunshine than this year. June 2012 was also very wet so that easily takes bottom place in the overall June rankings with this year filling the next to bottom spot.

We did manage to do some sowing on the plot on Thursday getting some cut flower seeds sown for next year.

The seeds were sown in drills filled with compost. The soil was certainly too wet and claggy to sow seed directly into it but hopefully they'll be okay in these compost filled trenches. We hope that the twigs will keep any cats, dogs or foxes from trampling over the seed bed. They'll be removed once the seeds start to germinate. We didn't water the seeds in as the surrounding soil was very wet.


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