Saturday, 1 March 2014

In Short Not Extreme for Us

Friday wasn't a bad day at all to end meteorological winter and move into spring. After a dull and rather murky start the sun came out resulting in a pleasant afternoon.

I can’t really say that winter has produced much extreme weather for us. The Met Office rainfall figures for England for the three winter months are 392.7mm and I’ve recorded only 208.8mm well short of the official amount. I've recorded wetter Decembers and Februarys although January’s rainfall was a record for that month.
Temperature wise we haven’t had the mildest or coldest winter day over the four year period I've been keeping records. Temperatures have been anything but extreme remaining very average throughout the entire winter period resulting in a mild winter. Only on nine occasions throughout winter has the temperature fallen below 0.0°C.
We have had some very windy spells on occasions with 05 December setting a new wind gust speed record of 42.0mph. January and February have both been very windy months. 
So spring 2014 is here and I'm hoping it will be a bit better than last year which was very cold and held back the start of the growing season by several weeks.


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