Friday, 21 March 2014

Danger in the Air

Thursday at 16:57 was the Spring Equinox and the official start of spring in the northern hemisphere. It wasn't however a very spring like day with strong winds from early morning getting even stronger in the afternoon. It did stay dry until the middle of the afternoon when we had some light rain. This didn't come to any great amount just 2.0mm.

I had an e-mail on Wednesday evening from Marshall seeds to confirm that my order of brassica plug plants had been dispatched. Clearly I wasn't the only one to receive this e-mail as our resident wood pigeon also got the message that they’re on the way.
In the afternoon rain he took up a vantage point on our newly “cedared” greenhouse awaiting delivery. Sadly for him they didn't arrive on Thursday and they may well spend their first week in the greenhouse recuperating from their journey before they are moved out into the cold frame where they will be protected by netting to keep Woody at bay.

Sue was a little concerned that Woody might be making a mess on our newly refurbished greenhouse.


  1. It's funny what images post titles conjure up. I thought the post was going to be about a sparrow hawk, I thought you were going to say that the pigeon is no more. Fingers crossed that Woody leaves your brassicas alone.

    1. Woody likes to patrol the garden just in case I make a mistake and leave something unprotected. I'm a bit of a softy really and wouldn't like him to finish up as a sparrow hawk meal.


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