Friday, 28 February 2014

Shooting the Bishop

After some overnight rain, which carried through into the morning as showers, the day brightened up nicely to give us a sunny late morning and afternoon. It was a little breezy at times but it was mild again as the temperature almost made it into double figures reaching 9.8°C.

On our last visit to the garden centre we bought some shallots and dahlias. The shallots have been planted up into modules to get an early start before been transplanted out on the plot. I thought it was about time I put our dahlias into some compost to get them started too.
The Bishop of Llandaff, Mary Eveline, Edge of Joy and Sunshine were all put into large seed trays and covered with compost. If I'm lucky and they shoot quickly I may even have time to take some cuttings and gain a few extra plants.

I also managed to add to our onions sets by planting up a tray each of Rumba and an impressively named “Red” variety.
Of course now I've done this the forecast is for cold frosty weather which we seem to have avoided all winter but now planting time is here so is the frost. As a precaution I covered all our chitting seed potatoes and newly planted dahlias with a couple of layers of fleece. The onions are pretty tough and should be able to survive a cold night or two.


  1. I really love Bishop of Llandaff, I'm going to look out to see if I can find any on offer later on in the season. Such a beautiful flower.

    1. We're growing it as a cut flower down on the plot I think!


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