Saturday, 8 March 2014

Not Here!

Apparently spring sprung in some parts of the UK on Friday but not here. After some light early morning rain the sun came out around lunchtime but the effect was spoilt by the gale force wind that got up. It was our windiest March day since 10 March 2011. We’re still waiting for the temperature to make it to 13°C.
In the afternoon sunshine our apricot tree blossom opened although in the gale force wind pollinating insects were at a premium.
The wind was rattling the panes a bit in the greenhouse but at last I've sown some salad leaves “French Bistro Mixed” they’ll take their place under the growlight with the hope that they’ll produce some tasty leaves before the space is needed for sowing peppers and tomatoes at the end of March.

Our shallots Red Sun and Golden Gourmet planted into modules on 02 February are now showing some fresh green shoots. Not all the shallots have started to grow but I'm sure the ones still to shoot will get the message soon.


  1. I sowed some salad leaves last week as well, I'm hoping for some to pick before too long. Hope the weather is good with you, it's quite springlike here in the SW.

    1. Turned out a brilliant day on Sunday after a disappointing Saturday.


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