Sunday, 30 March 2014

Double Hobby Day

Saturday just about lived up to the hype the forecasters had given it. It was certainly milder than the last few days as the temperature managed 13.9°C but any sunshine was at a premium.

We set out late morning to watch 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley steaming down the East Coast Main Line with the Cathedrals Express from London Kings Cross to York.
It was our first photographic challenge of the day. The train was approaching out of a sort of mist or hazy sunshine it was difficult to decide which but it made for tricky photography. Unlike our railtour last week this train was on time with just a few miles left to go to York.

After seeing Sir Nigel with the Cathedrals Express we headed for Potteric Carr for an afternoon at the Nature Reserve. This is where we had our second photographic challenge of the day. We've seen a few flashes of orange and blue as a kingfisher has flown by us when we've visited reserves in the past but until today never had change to photograph one. Today we were lucky enough to see not one but two kingfishers perched by a possible nesting site and they were happy to pose for pictures for as long as we wanted.
The only problem was that they were about a mile away or that’s what it seemed like. They’d found a nest site well away from the paths around the reserve on a small island in the middle of a lake. Hence our second photographic challenge of the day. We spent a while with cameras clicking and video whirring away trying to capture some good shots. There’s now the long job of sorting out the best pictures and editing our video. More will follow I'm sure. 


  1. Lovely photos, really well done on capturing a kingfisher. There was someone at Slimbridge a while back who'd sat in the hide for hours and hours and only had a very blurry shot. They're so fast when they're flying, it's almost impossible.

    1. I think they have to be perching to have any chance of a photograph.


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