Friday, 14 March 2014

More Maintenance on a Glorious Spring Day

We did well on Thursday avoiding any early morning mist and fog and were treated to sunshine all day long. The afternoon temperature made it up to a lovely mild 18.2°C.

As it was such a lovely afternoon we decided to start “red cedaring” our home greenhouse as part of its refurbishment plan. As it turned out we did well getting virtually all the outside of the greenhouse treated although it was rather touch and go as to whether or not some sort of floodlighting might be required to get the job done.
All the potted fruit trees that live around the outside of the greenhouse were moved to an area of safety so that they wouldn't accidentally get covered in red cedar staining. It was then pretty straight forward forward to stain the sides and some of the roof which could be reached using some steps. The greenhouse ridge and higher parts of the roof were a bit more tricky to reach. One option was to remove each pane of glass and use a step ladder from inside the greenhouse to reach those high up sections of roof. At one stage my plan was to use this method but taking out that many panes of glass would be a real pain so I decided to try Martyn’s extended paint brush technique first before going to all that trouble. 
With my paint brush securely screwed to piece of timber this method worked better than I expected. It occasionally got a bit messy transferring stain from pot to greenhouse and it was tricky controlling a paint brush with such a long handle but it was much better than removing all the glass.

These pictures are how the greenhouse looks on Friday morning in daylight. One window still needs staining with my extended brush. In the warm weather yesterday afternoon the window’s automated opener was in action and it was impossible to get a brush on the window frame. There’s also some staining to complete on the far side of the greenhouse once the window repairs are completed. Will our polycarbonate ever come from I just don’t know. The order was made and money taken from our credit account on 20 February. Their help line is absolutely useless. Excuses so far in chronological order. 
  • It will be delivered by Friday (7th March)
  • You should have received it my now it must have got lost in transit. New delivery date Thursday 13th March
  • It’s out for delivery (up to 17:30) for Thursday 13th
  • It’s not on the delivery for Thursday we’ll try for Friday.
  • We now know it’s not going to be delivered Friday and await their latest excuse. They say they will call back but I've heard this three times before and they haven’t.

My advise would be if you want to purchase any glass or polycarbonate online don’t use this company.


  1. You've made a nice job of your lovely greenhouse. And lucky you having such good weather. It's been freezing here and misty almost all day, today and yesterday. I did hear that the sun was blazing everywhere else though! I'm hopeful for the weekend... Hope you and Sue have a good weekend too.

    1. I saw lots of tweets about mist and fog and couldn't believe our luck with the weather. I think it's come to an end though.


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