Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Very Late Early Nantes

Monday was another glorious sunny spring day and although the temperature didn't make it to the dizzy heights of Sunday’s 18.6°C managing only 11.9°C it felt very pleasant in the sunshine. We have paid the price for the clear skies overnight into Tuesday with a frost as the temperature fell to -1.4°C.
On the plot we harvested some carrots and leeks. The carrots are the last few of our Early Nantes sown in April last year and left in the ground through winter. To be honest there is a rather large amount of waste on the carrots now where they've been attacked by slugs and other nasties over winter. The carrots though still taste fine. The leeks are Blue Solaise and these remain in good condition but I suspect they will start to grow again in the next few weeks and need to be used up before then.

The patio area on the plot that I started to tidy up last week was finished and is now ready for spring and summer. The last section of weed control fabric was laid under the paving flags and around the roots of our tayberry. Cutting the paving flags didn't go quite according to plan but it’s made a satisfactory job for the allotment.

I noticed that some plot holders look to have already planted their early potatoes. I thought that the ground was still too wet to cultivate where the leeks were dug out so I'm not considering planting any potatoes outside for a few weeks yet. The soil needs time to dry out and warm up. It’s still early March with time for some cold days and nights so my potatoes will continue chitting in the greenhouse where they can be protected if any very cold weather is forecast.


  1. Your shed and patio are lovely, you've made a good job of sorting out the paving. Do you have a bench for the summer? It looks like a perfect place to sit.

    1. We do have an old bench waiting at home to go down to the plot. Before it makes the move it needs a little bit of refurbishment.


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