Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Now It Gets Frosty

After the glorious day on Monday, Tuesday morning was a real let down. We've now had more frosts in March than February and Tuesday morning’s low of -1.4°C was the coldest night since 20 January 2014. The day’s average temperature was 4.0°C the coldest of the month and in the greenhouse it fell to -0.5°C. Not the place to be trying to grow any tender seeds just yet.
Tuesday morning remained cloudy and cold but the sun did manage to break through early in the afternoon making it feel much warmer outside even if it didn't do much to lift the temperature.

One of the tasks to get done over the next few weeks is the home greenhouse refurbishment. I'm still waiting for the replacement polycarbonate to be delivered. It was ordered on 20 February and still hasn't arrived. I've been told that it should arrive by Thursday but then again it should have arrived by last Friday and didn't. Not only is the greenhouse in need of some external refurbishment it needs sorting out inside to remove all last years pots of dead plants and all our over wintering plants need a good tidy up.
Once this part of the greenhouse was cleared of last year’s plant life I was able to get all our onions and shallots together and check that I actually had two modules of each variety planted up. They’d been scattered all over the greenhouse but now things are looking a little more organised. There is now some space at the other side of the greenhouse but there’s a lot of tiding up to do here too.
This is the side of the greenhouse I will need access to when our new polycarbonate sheets eventually arrive so I’ll be leaving this side until that job is completed.  In the pots I emptied that had been in the greenhouse over winter, I didn't find too much left that was worth keeping. My best find was some of last year’s dahlia tubers which looked to be in good condition having come through the winter unscathed.
Like our new dahlias I've put these old tubers in a tray of damp compost to encourage them into growth.


  1. Very satisfying to get things back under control :} Hope your polycarbonate arrives.

    1. Hi Jayne
      I'm not too sure things are under control just yet.

  2. I do hope that polycarbonate turns up soon. I love the brick path down the centre of the greenhouse. Is it fully paved or can you plant into the soil at all? It's such a good size, but no doubt you can fill it quite easily.

    1. It's fully paved now CJ but the layout inside has evolved over many years. It never seems to a problem filling the space - more where can this go, especially in summer.


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