Saturday, 15 March 2014

Is That It?

Friday morning was nice and sunny and we were planning on some more work in the garden. Then over lunchtime the weather conditions changed rapidly as the sunshine was replaced by cloud and a gale force wind came from nowhere.
As you can see the yellow line representing sunshine took a sudden dip at lunchtime along with the temperature. The strong to gale force wind lasted well into the evening dying down in the early hours of Saturday morning.

So far this month the weather forecaster’s would tell us it’s been a mild month which is true but in the greenhouse it gets cold during the night. This is why I resist the temptation to sow any tender seeds such as tomatoes which aren’t going to appreciate any cold nights. In our partly refurbished home greenhouse it’s been warm during the day and very pleasant for pottering about with temperatures into the mid twenties centigrade very tempting conditions to get seed sowing.
The temperature in the greenhouse, shown by the top yellow line, soars during the daytime especially on any sunny days but each evening the temperature drops as shown by the light blue line, to almost the same as the outside temperature with nearly every night this month below 5°C and some nights down to freezing. So if your more tender plants aren’t doing too well even in a cold greenhouse this might be one of the reasons.


  1. The days are glorious after the heavy fog has lifted from around here, we seem to be having two seasons in one each day. The heat has gone on in my greenhouse as I don't want what happened last year where everything was far too late.

    1. We've avoided the fog but seem to be stuck with gale force winds.


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