Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Blimey It’s Arrived

Monday was rather cool and cloudy but thankfully the gale force winds that had been blowing all weekend abated.

That long awaited polycarbonate sheeting that was ordered on 20 February was eventually delivered mid afternoon on Monday.
Inside this package are two seriously large pieces of polycarbonate each measuring 1800mm x 720mm. It’s bad enough handling polycarbonate sheeting this size but handling the pieces of glass this size needs to be done with extreme care. It will certainly be a tricky job getting the remaining pieces of broken glass out of the greenhouse roof. It’s a job I won’t consider tackling on anything but a calm day as hanging on to a piece of polycarbonate caught by a gust of wing is one thing but a sheet of glass this size is far too dangerous to contemplate.
The polycarbonate was well protected for its travels wrapped up in several layers of bubble wrap. I've checked it to make sure it wasn't damaged in transit and both pieces are intact.
I didn't want to waste all that bubble wrap as it will come in useful for providing plant protection during winter months. I was wondering how best to fold it up when I remember Sue had a long cardboard tube upstairs that some curtain material we had bought had been rolled on. It proved a really good method of rolling up the bubble film to be stored in the garage for later use.

Now I need a decent day to replace the broken glass with these new polycarbonate sheets and the greenhouse refurbishment will just about be completed - except for the door which needs attention so Sue can avoid becoming trapped inside. Unfortunately the weather seems to be heading into unsettled territory again with rain and strong winds forecast for the rest of the week. That might just put this bit of refurbishment on hold for a while until there’s a suitable break in the weather.


  1. Yay, so glad it's finally turned up. Good luck with the refurbishment, it sounds tricky.

    1. Worst bit will be getting the remaining piece of broken glass out.


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