Thursday, 13 March 2014

Getting Started

Wednesday’s weather didn't vary much from yesterday except that the sun came out a little earlier, it was a fraction milder and we escaped an overnight frost.

In the afternoon the grass got its first cut of the season. It was a bit on the wet side but it was long and was unlikely to get any drier by putting it off any longer. After trimming around the lawn edges I decided to do a bit of repair work to the greenhouse. For some reason last year the guttering fell off both sides of the greenhouse meaning the water butt didn't fill up and I had a bit of a traipse carrying water to the greenhouse.  I've had one or two traipses already this year and it’s convinced me that the guttering needs to be fixed to make watering so much more convenient.
I'm not too sure why the guttering fell off but it’s as if either the greenhouse has got longer or the guttering has shrunk. The result is that each piece of gutter no longer quite stretches between the fixing brackets and drops to the floor. Starting at the end in the forefront of the picture I've repositioned the brackets to allow for this. All was going well until I got to the last bracket and found it broken.
I don’t know how this has happened but I think the guttering is a fairly standard design and I should be able to buy the necessary bits and pieces from the local DIY shop.

I've just got to replace some of the glass, fix the guttering to the other side and help Sue re-stain the woodwork and the jobs a good one. The greenhouse should then be ready for another growing season.


  1. I've got some very shaky guttering on my allotment shed, but it does the job and fills the water butt. Which I managed to empty in one watering session last summer when it was hot and dry. Luckily my plot has a water trough right next to it as well. Any sign of that polycarbonate?

    1. If it fills the water butt that's all that needed. Our didn't! See today's blog for polycarbonate update - does this company really exist?

    2. So frustrating, I've come across companies like this and it's infuriating. I do hope it turns up soon for you.

    3. Sue gave them some nuisance calls on Friday with lots of telephone calls. We've got an e-mail confirming it has been dispatched and should arrive on Monday. It's progress of sorts!


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