Tuesday, 4 March 2014


A topsy turvy start to the weather this month as Monday turned out to be a super spring day. It was touch and go whether to visit the plot and sort out the grass and weeds growing under our tayberry or visit the RHS gardens at Harlow Carr, as our last visit was cut short by heavy rain. Harlow Carr won, the tayberry will get sorted out another day.
At Harlow Carr they've obviously had their share of the winter rain with standing water in some beds. I thought we ought to pay an early season visit as we’d decided on 12 months membership but I didn't expect to see much after all the kitchen garden wasn't going to be in full production at the beginning of March. I wasn't expecting the stunning display of spring bulbs along with winter flowering shrubs. It was a lovely sunny, still day bringing out the best in the flowers and parts of the garden were filled with perfume.
On the grounds a few picture are required to do the gardens justice I've added a set of photos to my Flickr albums which can be seen by clicking here. You can also see some photos Sue took posted on her blog here.

With lots of other spring bulbs still to come into flower and rhododendrons just coming into flower we won’t have to leave it too long before making another visit.

Of course we didn't manage to get through the nursery area without buying a few plants to add to our rockery area.
After viewing the stunning displays they’re producing in the gardens we just couldn't resist the temptation although we won’t be able to go for the same mass planting theme. We just have to convince ourselves that in some cases less is more!


  1. There's always a shop at the exit. Doesn't it make you cyclamen?

    1. I managed to resist buying some Vales Emerald.


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