Thursday, 27 March 2014

Cutting Garden

Wednesday was a better day than forecast. We had a few sunny spells and the rain held off until late in the afternoon.

After our last visit to the plot I’d decided that the grass paths could do with a strim. They’d already got a bit too long and untidy to cut with the mower. My only intention was to do a tidying up job and to get the grass in a state so that it could be mowed properly at its next cutting.
The biggest challenge was to get the grass cut before the rain arrived. The grass was still a little damp so any rain would make strimming an even messier job. I normally finish up covered in strimmed grass even on a good day.
I do need to take a bit of care when strimming as it only takes one careless swish of the strimmer and wild flowers growing amongst the grass can be cut down in their prime.
When the strimming was finished I cut a few daffodils to take home and a few wallflowers just as a tester to see how they perform as a cut flower. By the time I was locking the allotment gate the first few spots of rain started to fall.


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