Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Brightest to Dullest

Monday was the sunniest day of the month and Tuesday turned out to be the dullest. Tuesday was dull all day with light rain or drizzle for most of the day but only amounting to 1.6mm of measurable rainfall.

Last year this week was cold and snowy with temperatures through the day just about staying above freezing so even Tuesday’s maximum temperature of 7.8°C was a big improvement on last year.
Oullins Gage 24 March 2014
On our visit to the plot on Monday we noticed that the blossom on our Oullins Gage plum tree was starting to open. We were both a little surprised as after last year’s bumper harvest we didn't expect many flowers this year but that doesn't look to be the case. Looking back at last year’s bitterly cold spring the first photos of our Oullins gage coming into flower were taken on 23 April.
Oullins Gage 23 April 2013
Of course there’s a long way to go yet before we before that bumper crop materialises. 


  1. Last year it was so cold, we waited so long for blossom, you have reminded me. I do hope you have a good crop of plums again this year.

    1. I've got my mind set on a poor crop this year. I can't really remember two good years in a row. Still there's always a first time.


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