Sunday, 16 March 2014

Naff Weather Forecasting!

Saturday was a stormy day with gale force winds all day long. The weather forecast for the weekend was hopeless. The chat was of high pressure dominating our weather with well spaced isobars and the only doubt seemed to be about how much sunshine we would get. In fact the sunshine is a bit of an irrelevance as it’s been blowing a gale now since Friday lunchtime.
The chart above shows the wind speeds from Friday through to 09:00 on Sunday morning and apart from a short respite on Saturday morning the winds have been consistently strong. Sunday morning has started off particularly windy with a highest gust speed of 32mph unusually high for our rather sheltered suburban location.
In comparison with other March’s this is now the windiest and we are only half way through the month. I’m not sure when our gale force winds will ease as they’re not actually forecast. The last few hours have been as windy as anything we had through the winter - bad news for the apricot blossom.
I can’t see a weather warning for strong winds on the forecast for today. Perhaps it isn't windy anywhere else? 


  1. I think you may have your own little bubble of weather over in Ossett. We've had glorious sunshine for the whole of the weekend here, and no noticeable wind. Sorry! I hope the promised good weather is on it's way to you.

    1. We've had plenty of sunshine too but spoilt by the gale force wind. I always seem to operate in my own little bubble.


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