Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Decent End to the Month

Sunday and Monday brought the month to an end with a bit of a theme of rather dull, misty murky mornings brightening up to give a much better afternoon with some hazy sunshine and pleasantly mild with the temperature managing the mid teens.
Plum - Oullins gage in blossom (31 March 2014)
March has been a little bit milder than we might expect especially during the day but noticeably that’s not true of the night time temperatures throughout the month. We've had 4 nights below freezing in March that’s as many as in January. So far this year our average night time temperatures for January 3.1°C, February 3.5°C and March 3.5°C have been remarkably consistent with January milder than we might expect and March a little colder than we might expect. 
Potteric Carr (30 March 2014)
Rainfall for the month has been a little below average at 33.4mm or about 80% of our expected total for March. This month hasn't been the wettest, driest, warmest, or coldest March of the last 4 years but it has been the windiest following on from a windy December and February some quieter weather would be much appreciated. 
Let’s hope that April brings us some warm weather as it’s a busy time for the gardener. We might see the thermometer hit 20°C for the first time this year but it’s not a forgone conclusion. The last four Aprils have either been very dry or very wet ranging from 2.4mm in 2011 to 120mm in 2012 with nothing much in between.
Plot tulips coming into flower (31 March 2014)


  1. April arrived a bit too quickly for my liking, I haven't sown all of the March things yet.

    1. I haven't sown many seeds yet just some broad beans. April will be a busy month though.


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