Sunday, 31 July 2016

After the Rain

Saturday wasn't too bad, after Friday's rain, with some decent sunny spells. I'd been waiting for a drop of rain to moisten up the soil on a couple of beds on the plot so that they could be dug over. Friday's rain was just what I'd been waiting for.

This is what the soil looked like before I started. It didn't look like it had received a decent amount of rainfall on it the previous day. I decided it might be better once my cultivator started to break up the clods of soil. Dampness might magically appear.
I don't know where the rainfall went but it didn't do anything to soften up this particular bit of ground. On the larger lumps, which are hard enough to use as bricks, my cultivator merely bounced up in the air. After a few passes some of the lumps had at least been broken into more manageable sized pieces but the ground remains very dry even after Friday's rainfall. I'll have to have another go when we've had some more rain.

Before leaving the allotment the greenhouse tomatoes were watered. It's the first time that I've noticed that the fruit on our Gardener's Delight tomatoes look a plum tomato shape.
I don't think our Gardener's Delight tomatoes have looked this shape before and what's more I didn't buy any plum tomato type seeds. Well I didn't think I did!


  1. Some of the toms I have grown this year also look like plum tomatoes, yet as far as I know none of the varieties sown were plum type!First time I have read your blog, I will return!!

    1. Our seeds were from Kings Seeds. All our Gardener's Delight look like small plum tomatoes at the moment. I'm wondering how big the tomatoes will actually grow.

  2. The soil look so dry! May be the seeds packing gone wrong! hahahha... ;)

    1. Hi Malar
      We could certainly do with some rain to help the veggies along. Once it starts to rain it wont know when to stop. I think you're right about the seed packaging going wrong!


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