Monday, 4 July 2016

Clean Potatoes - Will It Last

Sunday was a better day as the wind abated. It was our second day in a row without any rain. Things are starting to look up.

Our early potatoes, Casablanca are growing in a bed adjacent to our early brassicas as the photo below taken in early June shows.
Our brassica patch has been overrun with slugs and snails, so far this year, so much so that we bought some extra cauliflower plants to replace plants devastated by the pests. The onslaught has continued as the plants have matured. On the cabbages the damage has been confined to the outer leaves leaving us plenty of good quality inner leaves. They've ground a path over cauliflower and calabrese heads reducing the quantity of good quality florets considerably. Separated by a narrow grass path are our early potatoes.
I've lifted about one third of a row over the last week or so and, so far, I haven't seen one potato with any signs of slug damage. All the potatoes have been free of any type of pest damage. I'm hoping that this will continue. I don't know if the slugs don't like the variety Casablanca, which taste excellent by the way, or they are are so busy enjoying our brassicas they can't be bothered with the potatoes. Gardening's not an exact science is it!


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