Sunday, 17 July 2016

This Looks A Bit Hot!

Saturday morning was dull but it brightened up in the afternoon before clouding over again later in the afternoon. Still it didn't rain and we got a chance to do some harvesting and stuff down on the plot. Now and again I post the occasional weather forecast I get on my Desktop from the Met Office. Usually I post these when we have some naff weather forecast for the next few days.
I thought I'd post this one from Sunday morning showing summer arriving and going over the space of a few days. It's not often we have a forecast temperature of 30°C. For most of July we've struggled to reach 20°C so Tuesday might come as a bit of a shock to the system.

I posted yesterday about our strawberry harvest this year. On Saturday afternoon Sue picked this punnet of Malwina strawberries which have turned out to be our favourite variety.
The fruits really are a deep red compared to our other strawberries. They were absolutely delicious and we finished the lot in one go.


  1. I see that summer is arriving on Tuesday, but it certainly isn't staying long. Gone by Thursday, I hope you enjoy your two days of summer this year!

  2. The strawberries look so red and juicy! No wonder you both ate them at one go! ;)


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